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Seeing is believing

Abode's kitchen design expert, Nicky Claridge of NC Design, talks to us about the increasing demand for the warmth and beauty of timber in the kitchen. Thanks to some new products on the market, achieving this look has never been more accessible or more affordable.

Waste not

Lately, household waste has become a hot topic in the kitchen design world and with the recent ban on single-use plastic bags, and a renewed push to reduce, reuse and recycle, planning how to take care of your household rubbish has become a vital part of any design solution.

Superhome Movement Tours

The goal of the Superhome Movement is to mitigate the effects of housing on the environment by normalising healthier, resource-efficient homes which utilise renewable and passive energy, collect and reuse rainwater and minimise waste. The Movement provides open source sharing of new design ideas, technologies and building techniques, by connecting leading experts in the industry with each other and the wider community.

Test of time

Abode’s kitchen and bathroom expert, Nicky Claridge, discusses how resilient, low-maintenance surfaces are key to creating kitchens that will continue to look beautiful for years to come.