Forever in front

Forever in front

In the ever-changing world of colour,
Resene is leading the way with its new fashion
colours known as 'The Range'.


The Range provides home owners, homemakers, lovers of colour, designers and decorators with an invaluable tool to colour their world. The collection includes more than 90 of the latest on-trend colours, including new shades and tones, long-time Resene favourites, wood stains, whites and neutrals. On the back of each colour chip there are suggestions for complementary colour combinations to help you create a unique and personalised colour palette for your home.

The new fan deck is available from every Resene ColorShop, along with Habitat Plus, a decorating and colour trends book packed full of up-to-the-minute decorating and colour ideas for your home.

Step inside and unwind

Weathered blues and whitewashed plywood create a soothing space and ambience for those seeking to escape the hectic, public and digital world beyond the front door.

Combine colours, tones, shapes and textures for a soft beachy eco-vibe that would work with any interior, from the casual bach style, to a city apartment, tiny home to a renovated mid-century home or a brand new build. Soft muted tones, paired with the natural colour and texture of the plywood walls and wooden floors creates a striking combination.


Coffee Time and Chillax

Pull up a chair, grab a flat white, relax amid a pile of soft cushions and take time out. Walls are painted in Resene Sea Fog, a cool-based white backdrop that changes with the light, to cast muted or light white, depending on the sun.

Pale blues and weathered or whitewashed surfaces transcend the seasons and the trends. Resene Duck Egg Blue and its variants are some of the most sought-after colours in the Resene collection. Calming and soothing, these are colours that whisper rather than shout. They remind us of cloudy skies, refreshing waters, icy slopes and delicate shells.

Gently ethereal, these pale blues match superbly with waxed and chalky finishes, or matte paints such as Resene SpaceCote Flat which enhances the subtle beauty of the colours.

Accent colours to try with pale blues and whitewash

Acid greens to stay with the natural theme
Sharp mustards for an on-trend combo
Deep charcoal for extra dimension
Smokey purples for a twist on the tonal look
Warm mid browns for added earthiness

Sense of place

Sense of place

Masters of temperature

Masters of temperature