Wrap your home in wool

Wrap your home in wool

For true warmth and comfort you can't beat wool, and with Terra Lana woollen insulation the unique qualities of this natural wonder fibre promise a drier, healthier and more comfortable home.


New Zealanders are no strangers to all that’s good about natural wool. We know that in cold weather nothing compares to wool for warmth. Similarly, in hot weather, wool fibre is equally compelling; combining breathability and moisture resistance to help regulate temperatures and keep us cool and comfortable.

Having identified the unique possibilities for using wool to insulate buildings, Christchurch-based company, Terra Lana, has been manufacturing and installing woollen ceiling, wall, underfloor, acoustic and plumbing insulation for over 20 years. Terra Lana's wool blend insulation is made from pre-consumer waste wool that would otherwise end up in our landfills. All waste created in the factory and on site is taken back to the factory and made into more insulation.

As awareness grows about the 
many tangible benefits of maintaining 
a warmer and dryer home, wool insulation represents the sustainable and eco-friendly choice for reducing moisture problems in your home, creating a much more comfortable home environment year-round.

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Why is wool insulation so effective?

As the temperature drops, wool works to absorb moisture from the air. As that moisture is absorbed, the wool releases the energy in the form of heat, helping to offset the drop in air temperature. In reverse, as the air around wool fibre is heated, the wool releases moisture from within the fibre as vapour, absorbing energy in return, which has a cooling effect.

Terra Lana wool insulation acts as a thermal mass, counteracting any change in temperature, creating a more comfortable living environment in your home.

Superior Performance

Wool’s complex fibres trap pockets of air, making it an ideal insulation material that will perform even after absorbing up to 30 per cent of its weight in moisture, helping to keep your home warmer, drier and healthier.


Terra Lana insulation will last as long as your house. Wool does not break down, slump, shrink or flatten, even in damp conditions. Do it once and do it right. Performance backed by a 50-year guarantee!


Keeping your home warm does not need to harm the environment. Terra Lana insulation is made from recycled pre-consumer New Zealand wool bonded with polyester. And when it’s no longer needed, Terra Lana is 100 per cent recyclable.

Healthy and safe

Wool is a naturally friendly material that’s completely safe to handle with no need for protective clothing. You can rest assured when you choose wool, your family will not be exposed to allergens or nasty chemicals.

Creating a cohesive interior

Creating a cohesive interior

Buon Appetito!

Buon Appetito!