Whole Home comfort

Whole Home comfort

In many parts of the world, central heating has been a feature of households for decades. The team at Central Heating New Zealand aims to bring the exceptional comfort and warmth provided by central heating systems to as many New Zealand homes and businesses as they can.


We’ve all done it. We have all sat next to a window and enjoyed the radiant warmth of the sun on our face. Warm-water central heating provides the same luxurious feeling. Once you have experienced central heating nothing else will compare. It is the most comfortable form of whole-home heating that you can install in your house. More than 8,000 homes have been transformed thanks to the team at Central Heating New Zealand who take great pride in changing the lives of their customers up and down the country.


What are the benefits of central heating?

  • Speed – Water transfers heat much faster than air, so when the system comes on, it warms your home within a matter of minutes.

  • Reliability – Your central heating system will operate as usual no matter what temperature it is outside.

  • Safety – There is no need to be concerned about young children around hot surfaces, as central heating radiators and towel rails are safe to touch.

  • Sound – You can heat your home without adding any background noise.

  • Easy – Just set the controller to your ideal temperature and let the system do the work.

  • Choice – You have the option of underfloor heating, radiators or towel rails or a combination to suit your home and lifestyle.

Based in Christchurch, Central Heating New Zealand offers products and installation services, as well as expert advice to Canterbury residential and business customers.


So how does central heating work?

There are three key elements to the workings of a residential central heating system.

  • HEAT SOURCE - At the heart of the system is a heat source which is usually either a diesel boiler, gas boiler or air-to-water heat pump. The heat source is normally located in a convenient place like the laundry, garage or outside the home. This heat source warms water which is then circulated around your home.

  • EMITTERS - The emitters are the means of releasing the heat into the home. They can be either underfloor heating, wall-mounted radiators, towel rails or fan coils. With the ability to heat up and cool down quickly, radiators are ideally suited to our changeable weather. Radiators come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Delonghi’s Multicolonna radiators add a touch of style to modern builds while Arroll’s vintage-themed radiators are easily retrofitted and don’t look out of place in villas. Radiators can be coloured to blend in or stand out. The only limitations are your imagination.

     Underfloor central heating provides the most luxurious form of heating. It doesn’t matter how high your ceilings are, underfloor heating provides warmth where it is needed. There are no cold spots, forced air or draughts unlike other heating solutions.

  • CONTROLLERS - A wall-mounted control panel for your central heating is installed in your home. Most controllers have a simple thermostat so you can set your preferred temperature. Say goodbye to cold mornings. Programmable timers allow you to turn on the heating an hour before you wake up. Smart models are Wi-Fi compatible and can be operated via an app. If it’s an unexpected cold day you can turn up your home temperature while at work, ready for when you get home.

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