Design Feature - The Best of both worlds

Design Feature - The Best of both worlds

Porcelanosa’s innovative new Xtone product is at the cutting edge of kitchen surface technology and not only that, it is also extremely good-looking.


As consumers, we ask a lot from our kitchen surfaces. We need them to be functional in a high traffic zone; to survive our hot pans, knives, steam, water and red wine, and we also want them to look beautiful.

That combination is a lot to ask but durability, elegance, and functionality are what the innovative new Xtone kitchen surface range is known for. From the Porcelanosa group in Spain, the material is extremely versatile and can be used for benchtops, splash-backs, drawer fronts and wall tiles; even furniture and façade cladding. Almost any kitchen surface you can imagine is possible with the large format sheets.

The advanced technology employed by the manufacturer and Spanish design powerhouse Porcelanosa, means this product is highly durable and able to withstand anything the modern family can throw at it. It is also safe to use outdoors too as it is resistant to UV rays and extremes of temperature.

Apart from the advanced technology, what sets Xtone clearly apart from other products is the incredible visual quality of the finished product. Available in New Zealand in three colours with the choice of either matte or polished finish in Kala White, it is possible to achieve truly stunning results without sacrificing any functionality.

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Eight reasons to use Xtone


You don’t need to worry about the growth of fungi and bacteria, so it is an ideal surface for direct contact with food.


Spills and odours are not a problem as the Xtone is non-porous and designed to prevent liquids or gases from being absorbed.

Easy to clean

You will not need to buy any special products for cleaning as the surface is wipeable and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Suitable for outdoors

You can install Xtone in outdoor areas as it is resistant to ultra-violet and it can also cope with sudden temperature changes and extreme cold.


You can rest assured that knives or knocks will not damage the surface as it is extremely resilient and strong.

Heat resistant

That hot dish you take straight from the oven and put on the bench will not alter the look or damage the surface.


It’s only 12mm thick but offers greater mechanical strength than other natural or compact surfaces.


Xtone gives you peace of mind knowing the natural materials used in the manufacture are recyclable. The product contains zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)

Design Feature - Style with stainless

Design Feature - Style with stainless

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