Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese

Embrace the naturally imperfect world we live in by creating a relaxing, lived-in look at home.

To understand the latest philosophies behind global decorating, it’s time to start speaking a different language. First there was ‘hygge’ and now there is ‘wabi-sabi’.  While the Danish word ‘hygge’ refers to the cosy feeling created by the careful arrangement of interior elements, the Japanese term ‘wabi-sabi’ is based on the philosophy that there is beauty to be found in imperfection.
Wabi-sabi rebels against the homogeneity of the mass-produced and invites us to celebrate the beauty of the handcrafted. As the artisan lovingly creates each piece by hand, the imperfections cast by the human hand are what speak to our very humanity – true to the wabi-sabi philosophy.
Translating this philosophy into our homes is all about taking a more relaxed approach. Consider using handmade pieces, asymmetrical furniture placement, natural and raw materials, and surfaces with an aged patina.

Paint Effects
An easy and effective way to create this aged look on walls and furniture, paint effects are easy, and, in keeping with the wabi-sabi philosophy, the application needn’t be perfect.
Discover a world of possibilities with the Resene FX range that creates antique crackle effects, and two timber finishes, Resene Colorwood Whitewash and Resene Colorwood Greywash, that give a weathered look to floors and furniture.

Background - Resene Cargo; Bowl - Resene Yuma; Basket - Resene Rusty Nail; A4 swatches (clockwise from left to right) are Resene Siam, Resene Scrub and Resene Bud.

Colour Palette
The colour palette tends towards natural, neutral tones influenced by the coast and bush. Think soft greens, warm greys and earthy browns. 

Applying these hues in true wabi-sabi style is made easy with the Resene palette cards. Instead of using a single palette card that offers a uniform tonal look, skip to the next card with similar palette, which uses a different composition. To achieve a harmonious green scheme, for example, try partnering Resene palette cards R30 (grey-greens) and R31 (soft greens) with R32 (yellowish greens). This approach can also be applied to the Resene Whites and Neutrals ranges.

Whatever your personal style, give yourself permission to let go and relax, the wabi-sabi way.

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Award-winning flair

Award-winning flair

Defining detail

Defining detail