Kitchen Designer Showcase

Kitchen Designer Showcase

We talk to four of Canterbury's top kitchen designers to get their thoughts on what's key to creating a great kitchen.

Cymon Allfrey | Cymon Allfrey Architects

How important is the kitchen?  Very! The kitchen is the family and social hub of the home. It is the space where we come together – in the morning and at the end of the day, and when we entertain friends. It is the glue that holds our homes together. 
When designing interiors, decisions around the kitchen – materials, colours, connection with other spaces – inform and influence subsequent decisions as to the design of other interior spaces.

What is the role of an architect when it comes to kitchen design?  Our understanding of the relationship between spaces and the impact that the successful orientation and creation of these spaces has on your living environment allows us to bring a different perspective and level of expertise to your project. 
While we get down to the detail, it is about thinking beyond this to achieve a cohesive living environment.  A great kitchen in a poorly-designed home won’t make a great house.

What is your top tip?  One of the most important things for my clients to do is examine how they live – for this provides insights into how they will live in the future, and thus offers valuable information about how their ideal kitchen will look and function.

How should I approach my budget?  Generously. Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a space where quality matters. It is a space you interact with multiple times a day, and so needs to be designed and built to fit your lifestyle, meet your needs and withstand such high-frequency usage.

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Emma Morris | Eterno Design

What makes you stand out from the crowd? As an interior architecture studio, we are able to offer a complete package to our clients. We also have a boutique retail outlet, which affords our clients the opportunity to touch, feel and see our products first hand.  
We produce all interior CAD (computer-aided design) drawings in-house, detailing every interior architectural element that falls outside your architect’s scope. This allows you to work with a single design studio for all your interior design requirements.
Sensitive to budget constraints, we work closely with our clients to achieve their desired result without sacrificing details or quality.

How would you describe your kitchen design style?  Our approach is collaborative, which together with our passion for beauty and creativity, means we are pushing the boundaries in design. We love to design modern, yet traditional spaces – with a twist. All while achieving elegance, simplicity and efficiency.  
We continually research and develop new products and finishes to create our own distinctive style.

What is your top tip?  Consult a professional. They know what is available and what will work spatially, and can present the options without overwhelming you. A professional designer will save you time and money whilst adding exceptional value to your property in the right areas.

How should I approach my budget?  Approach it as an investment. Bringing your house plans to us during the design stage, and before they are submitted to council, ensures your kitchen, and interior, is reviewed early in the process. It is far better to invest the time and money at the beginning to get the design right than to change it once it has been built – which can be a costly exercise.

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Nicky Claridge | NC Design

How would you describe your kitchen design style? My personal design-style is a mixture of industrial materials, such as steel and concrete, combined with softer, warmer textures. However, it is always about you, the client. So, from concept to completion, we work side-by-side with you to realise your dream space.

What is your top tip for those looking to renovate or design their kitchen?  Get professional advice! The old saying, ‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right’ is an understatement. Kitchens can cost a fair sum so getting it right the first time is absolutely essential.
Good kitchen design is made up of two key components: layout and overall appearance.
Layout is the key to a successful design in terms of functionality and ease of use; while the finishing materials should enhance your personal taste, and interact seamlessly with the rest of your home.

What should I never compromise on?  Installation! Kitchen installation – in my opinion – is not a DIY job. An expensive kitchen, badly installed, can spoil the entire design, just as a more economical, kit-set type kitchen can look amazing if it is put in by a professional.

When planning my kitchen how should I approach my budget?  It’s a little hard to say, but as a very loose rule of thumb, an entry-level kitchen using melamine cabinets and laminate benchtops could cost approximately $900-1050 per square metre. While a kitchen using high-end materials such as lacquered cabinets and granite benchtops might be $2000 per square metre, or more.

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Angelique Armstrong | Armstrong Interiors

What makes you stand out from the crowd?  We are able to offer a comprehensive service, from concept design, to obtaining competitive quotes from various Master Joiners, through to completion.
Alongside our qualified kitchen and bathroom designers, we provide a full interior design service. Now, with qualified architectural design graduate Jessica McKenzie working with us, we offer the whole package.

How would you describe your kitchen design style?  It is our aim to work with our clients to achieve their ideal kitchen – functional and bespoke, according to their needs, priorities and style preferences. While we are confident working with all different kitchen spaces, sizes and budgets, and bring design flair to all of our creations, ultimately it is about translating the client’s style, rather than ours.

When planning my kitchen, how should I approach my budget?  My advice is to have a budget in mind and then talk to your designer so they can offer the best advice about achieving what you want. We are often able to advise clients on how to cut a few corners without compromising on the finished product. 
Appliances often take up a larger chunk of the budget than people expect, so it is also important to talk to your designer about putting together a package for you. Working alongside the right people, we can get the very best price for you. 
By engaging a kitchen and bathroom designer early in the process, you can avoid costly charges later on.

What should I never compromise on when it comes to the kitchen?  Materials! The kitchen is a high-traffic area, so you want to ensure you are investing in materials and products that are designed to last and can handle the constant wear and tear. 

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