Partnerships key to beautiful bathrooms

Partnerships key to beautiful bathrooms

Whether renovating or designing a new bathroom, achieving an optimal result requires a combination of excellent product knowledge and expert design input.

Award-winning kitchen and bathroom designer Ingrid Geldof has built her reputation on exceeding her clients’ expectations. Repeat customers or referrals generate more than 80% of her company’s business. What started as a dedicated kitchen design consultancy more than 20 years ago soon morphed into a kitchen and bathroom design service as clients sought her expertise beyond the kitchen.

When looking for a bathroom supply company she could trust to provide premium service to her clients and her team she chose Oakleys Bathroom and Plumbing Supplies. Their extensive range of fabulous fittings supported by their comprehensive product knowledge and after-sales service provide the ideal combination of expertise and product. Now more than 15 years on, the relationship between the consultants at Oakleys and Ingrid and her team brings great advantages to clients throughout the planning, execution and delivery process.

Close collaboration between the designer and the supplier ensures

+ Tailored design solutions – it’s essential to let the space, the clients’ preferences and the suitability of the chosen products influence the overall design outcome. Technical aspects of every project are vitally important to the detail and ultimately, the result.

+ Better advice – whether renovating or building new, it is imperative that fixtures are fit for purpose. Choosing products for the visual appeal alone can lead to long-term disasters. Experienced designers and suppliers bring their unique expertise to every project. They know the benefits and limitations of products and make recommendations accordingly.

+ Access to the best products in the world – the designer and client can be assured of the highest quality and best-performing products, backed by the suppliers and chosen for their performance values. And, if not already in stock, delivery can be sorted and managed without delay.

+ Service beyond the sale – if things go wrong, clients can be assured that both the designer and the supplier will work together to solve the problem. Their reputation is at stake on every project.

+ A shared passion for the products on offer – every product specified is chosen for its innovation and performance. The designer and the supplier are equally committed to ensuring clients have access to the latest designs, world-class technology, quality products and leading edge supplies.

+ Optimum client experience – walking into a bathroom supply showroom can be overwhelming: so many options, so many decisions. When the designer and the supplier are working in partnership, clients are privy to a consultancy service that makes choosing easy and technically sound.

+ Informed advice – they ask the questions to ensure clients make the right decisions and selection.

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