The heat is on

The heat is on

Why is it that Kiwis choose to tough it out, heating one room at a time, when central heating is not only simple to install, efficient and economical, but stylish too?

Retrofitting radiators is simple and relatively inexpensive. And, with a diverse range of styles, colours and sizes on offer, radiators are no longer the eyesore they once were, and can be selected to blend in or stand out.

New Zealand is the only country in the world that uses air conditioning units to keep warm. Thanks to the multi-million-dollar marketing of international companies, Kiwis have widely accepted the use of heat pumps, which are basically air conditioning units running in reverse. This approach to heating has led to Kiwis hunkering down in one room during the winter months.
According to Environmental Health Indicators New Zealand, ‘cold, damp and mouldy homes impact on our health and our children’s health’. And, while people often associate these unhealthy conditions with villas and character homes, it is now commonplace to find mould in modern homes due to poor ventilation and spot heating.
Central heating is a method of whole-home heating where warm water circulates through a closed network of pipes, carrying heat around the home. These pipes can lead to radiators or they can be laid in the floor. It’s worth noting that underfloor central heating is, on average, two thirds cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating – so don’t let horrific electricity bills from the past put you off the idea.

Central heating can be easily retrofitted into an existing home. The heat source, which can be gas, diesel or an air-to-water heat pump, is positioned in a garage, laundry or outside, and piping is run to radiators which are installed in every living space. Radiators can be coloured to blend in or stand out, and designer radiators, which can become a room’s focal point, are also available.
If you are building a new home, experts suggest installing underfloor piping in your concrete slab foundation. This will provide you with the option of central heating later. It also provides an excellent return on investment when selling your home. 
While heating is often an afterthought when building – with expensive granite worktops or designer bathroom fittings taking precedence – central heating is something well worth investing in at the outset. After all, what’s the point in having a big beautiful home if it’s not warm and comfortable year round?

Central Heating Benefits

Central heating is the only heating method that heats the whole home evenly, allowing the full use of every room during winter.

Warm water central heating eliminates cold spots, draughts and damp. Because there is no forced air circulation, it doesn’t distribute irritating dust and allergens.

Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating systems much more energy-efficient than warm air systems, and thus more economical.

Central Heating New Zealand offers a range of different heat sources and heat distribution combinations suited to each individual’s lifestyle for optimal performance and cost benefits.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating Benefits

Effective, efficient and affordable
Kiss goodbye cold patches and draughts with hydronic underfloor heating. Because it uses far lower temperatures than a radiator system, it is a surprisingly cost-effective heating option for the entire home, especially for dwellings with high ceilings.

Given that there is no air to circulate dust or other allergens, it is a healthier way to heat the home, allowing allergy sufferers and asthmatics to breathe easy.

Traditional or modern aesthetic  
As this system is laid under concrete, it is compatible with a wide range of floor coverings to suit your architectural design. For a contemporary look and to harness the concrete’s natural thermal properties, simply leave the concrete exposed and polish and seal it.

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