’tis the season

’tis the season

It’s time to celebrate and, whether you’re serving the drinks indoors or al fresco, Total Food Equipment have just the thing to take the smash out of your bash.


Summer is here and the party season is well underway. Many of us will be hosting our friends and family for Christmas lunch or a New Year’s Eve shindig and, with the promise of a long hot summer ahead, chances are we’ll be taking the party outside.


Central to any good do is a great selection of delicious celebratory drinks. Whether you’re serving craft beer, mocktails or juice for the kids, when it’s a special occasion you want to treat your guests to something a bit special. But we are all familiar with the sound – and the mess – of a champagne flute shattering on the concrete pavers.

That’s where Govino drinkware comes in. Designed to look great and survive to see many more parties, the shatterproof range includes tumblers, flutes and beer and wine glasses that are clear, light, durable and ergonomically designed with a thumb notch for ease of use. The no-stem shape makes them much less likely to tip red wine on to your carpet.

You can even custom print your glasses for a wedding or special occasion. Cheers to that!

at a glance
Govino drinkware

  • Safely goes in the dishwasher – no handwashing the crystal at the end of the night

  • Perfect for everyday indoor and outdoor use for all the family 

  • Shatterproof, durable and reusable – perfect for any event

  • Designed to enhance the flavour of drinks and to look good

  • 100% BPA free and safe for you and the family to use

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