Function with great form

Function with great form

Combining the functionality of the mixer and the kettle makes perfect sense when space is at a premium and, with help from Oakley’s Plumbing Supplies, you can make the switch without sacrificing style.


It’s now possible to have filtered drinking water and instant near-boiling water – for hot drinks and cooking – at your own kitchen sink.

“Many clients are looking to maximise the amount of bench space in their kitchens as well as provide convenient and fast access to filtered drinking water and water for hot drinks,” says Lisa of Oakley’s Plumbing Supplies. “This is now easy to achieve with the Multitap system from Insinkerator.”

The sleek Italian designed multi- functional tap can be retrofitted seamlessly into any kitchen making the change simple and quick. A unit for heating water and a filter unit fits neatly under the bench and out of sight.


“While customers now expect the kind of convenience that Multitap provides, they also want their tapware to look good” says Lisa, “That’s why I am quick to recommend Multitap because there’s a choice of design and finish to complement any kitchen.”

The range includes three designs; the Lia, Uso and Juno. Designed in Italy, they are also made there by world renowned tap makers Guglielmi. Choose from three finishes – chrome, black/chrome or brushed steel.

The Insinkerator Multitap convenience can change the way your kitchen operates, how you enjoy the space and how you entertain guests with the convenience of near-boiling water for effortless coffees and teas, plus the fresh clean taste of filtered water whenever you need it.


Gone are the days of waiting until the TV ad break to make a cup of tea and now you can pack away the kettle for good, creating space while adding an elegant design statement to your kitchen space.

Five reasons to love multitap

  • Simplicity: Experience a seamless transition from your old style tap with the simple installation process.

  • Style: Bring elegance to your kitchen with Multitap’s solid, high-quality, low-lead brass construction and elegant 
one-piece design.

Efficiency: Enjoy the quality 
and performance of the smooth and efficient laminar flow.

  • Space: Relish the extra 
bench space by combining 
the functionality of the mixer, 
water filter and the kettle.

  • Choice: Choose the look that suits you with three contemporary designs each 
in three finishes – chrome, 
black/chrome and brushed steel.


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