Road map to success

Road map to success

Designing and building luxury architectural homes, Gregg Builders offers homebuilders the complete package. From site selection, design and build, right through to aftercare service, Colin Gregg breaks down the somewhat daunting, yet rewarding building process.

1. Budget & Planning
The first step when embarking on building your own home is to determine whether your proposed plans fall within your allocated budget. By running draft plans past Gregg Builders’ registered quantity surveyor, you will receive a ‘ball park figure’.
If your proposed plans are not financially feasible they can be altered accordingly at this early stage before any more time and money is invested. And, once the necessary changes have been made, you can confidently take the next step of having your documentation finalised. 

2. Terms of engagement
The two common forms of engagement are a fixed price contract and a negotiated contract. The former is a binding agreement that protects the client from any unexpected costs down the track, and the latter is for those who would like a greater level of engagement. Agreeing on a standard labour cost and margin, Gregg Builders then works alongside their client, reviewing and approving subcontractors, materials and costs along the way.

3. Contract
The two documents Gregg Builders suggests to legally contract their services are: the NZ Institute of Architects Contract, or The NZ Master Builders Contract. Given that Gregg Builders are registered Master Builders, either contract comes with a Master Build 10 Year Guarantee, which protects homebuilders against loss of deposit, non-completion, defective workmanship, rot and structural defects.

4. Project delivery
Once the contract has been signed by both parties, Gregg Builders provides a start and completion date, alongside a payment schedule of estimated monthly accounts right through to completion.

Progress Reports
The quantity surveyor visits the site on a monthly basis to prepare a progress report that provides a comprehensive breakdown of work completed and materials used each month.

These costs are then transferred to an invoice, payable on or before the 20th of the following month, which also outlines payments to date and the outstanding balance. In the case of a negotiated contract, the outstanding balance may be a projected amount.

All building site offices are equipped with computers and internet to keep clients, project managers, architects, engineers and designers abreast of all the latest developments, no matter where they are in the world; and regular on-site meetings between the project manager, client and architect are meticulously documented as an ongoing record.

5. Completion
When the building has reached completion Gregg Builders conducts a ‘defect’ walk-through to identify and remedy any imperfections. Professional cleaners are brought in before the final walk-through with the new homeowners.

6. Aftercare service
Standing by their quality workmanship, Gregg Builders provides ongoing support for homeowners and are on hand to answer any queries relating to services and features in their new home

With many options available to suit individual needs, Gregg Builders works in close collaboration with their clients to ensure the journey is a stress-free and enjoyable one every step of the way.

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Words: Majka Kaiser    Photography: Jamie Armstrong  

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