The best of the best special

Here at Abode we have been reflecting on the year that’s been, a year filled with amazing projects we have had the privilege of featuring. In all cases, the homeowners were welcoming, showing us around, talking through the build process and singing the praises of the builders and contractors involved. To celebrate, we got together and pored over the projects that graced the pages in 2018 to select our Best of the Best, so called because all the homes we feature are of an incredibly high standard.

Welcome Home

The owners of this thoughtfully designed and tastefully appointed family home, designed and built by Mike Greer Homes, enjoyed the process so much theyére looking forward to doing it all over again - just not quite yet.

A breath of fresh air

Robin Curtis of Health Based Building tells us how this Ohoka home was built using sustainable materials designed to look after our health as well as tread lightly on the environment.

Kiwi-inspired bathroom range

Whether planning a new bathroom or updating an existing one, choosing bathroom ware that looks good, functions superbly and is made from sustainable materials creates a striking visual impact and is good for the environment.

Avocado and gin-and-lime cured salmon

Avocados are extremely versatile. The texture of a just-ripe avocado is perfect to add to salads and sandwiches, as in this recipe. Always treat the avocado with respect and nothing more than the gentlest handling to avoid bruising and creating dark marks in the flesh. It is important to purchase the freshest salmon possible for this sophisticated salad recipe.

Elements of style

Abode’s kitchen and bathroom expert, Nicky Claridge, takes a close look at two vital ingredients in great kitchen design; beautiful benchtops and smart storage solutions

Getting to know you

With comfort and style at its heart, and the ability to learn how you like to drive, the Mercedes A Class is a small car that’s making a big impression.

Picnic perfect

Whether you’re planning an evening on the grass at Christmas in the Park, or taking a Sunday drive with the family, Total Food Equipment recommends keeping it simple and fresh with a yummy picnic.

Colour crazy

South African interior designer Sarah Ord has splashed colour and pattern across every room in her new family home, combining antiques with modern-day fabrics to celebrate all the loves of her life.